All enterprises and companies in the Republic of Azerbaijan, regardless of ownership and organizational-legal form, must establish Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and enforce regulations under the Occupational Safety Standards System (OSSS).

We offer to establish an Occupational Safety Standards System (OSSS) under the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan to minimize and prevent potential risks and financial sanctions related to OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) in your company. Moreover, the development and application of the ISO standards plan in line with local legislation and international standards. The services offered include:

  • Development of Safety Log
  • Development of occupational and specific instructions
  • Development of procedures
  • Development of work plan
  • Development of Regulations and HSE Plan
  • OSH audit and consultation;
  • Development of fire safety plan for the facility (evacuation plan);
  • Preparing safety signs and boards;
  • Measurement of lux, gases, dust and vibration;
  • Establishment of fire protection system at the company;
  • Monitoring of water and nutrients for hazardous substances for the environment and human life;
  • Electricity Act;
  • Transportation and disposal of hazardous loads;
  • Certification of workplaces;
  • Environmental passport;
  • Diagnosis of potentially hazardous equipment and other technical equipment (magnetic powder inspection, visual inspection and static tests, defectoscopy, collapsing mechanical tests), preparation and documentation of tests;
  • Preparation of instructions and documents in Azerbaijani, as well as in English.