Dear Client

If you want to remotely manage and control your property in another city or region, turn on the heating system (combi) to warm the garden house in winter, or turn on the air conditioner at a distance to cool the house in summer, turn off the general electricity and gas supply from a distance when you are not at home, turn on/off the street and indoor lighting, automatically water the trees in your garden from a distance, to open the door for your guest while you are not at home or in another city and keep your house under video surveillance, contact us and control your house remotely from your gadget (smartphone, tablet, computer).

We offer our services with our professional staff with the price starting from 800 AZN to live comfortably and safely. You can manage several houses at once by using only one gadget.

“All our services under the “Smart House” project include:

  • Service;
  • “Smart House” system design;
  • Integration of all engineering systems (lighting, blinds, climate control, security, multimedia, telecommunications) into a single complex and interconnected operation;
  • Programming scenarios for all systems;
  • Organization of centralized management of Smart House equipment with gadget or wall panel;
  • Lighting;
  • Manage with light groups;
  • Curtain management;
  • Light control in connection with outdoor lighting;
  • “Turn off all” button;
  • Control from a touch panel or gadget;
  • Lighting control according to the level of light in the room and occupancy;
  • Internal and external video surveillance;
  • Safety;
  • Fire alarm;
  • Intercom system;
  • Access control;
  • Passive safety (water, gas leakage protection);
  • ACS- access control systems;
  • Security alarm;
  • Climate control;
  • Humidity, ionization;
  • The unified climate control system at home;
  • Calculation of energy consumption of the flat / cottage;
  • Electrical installation;
  • Installation of electrical boards;
  • Lightning protection and grounding of the cottage, house;
  • Coordinating the project with the operational service

What is SmartHouse?

Modern apartments, houses, cottages, summer houses – are a general engineering complex. The “SmartHouse” system will free you from the burden of power supply, heating, water and sewerage, ventilation, and air conditioning control. Due to home automation, each “SmartHouse” system works in optimal mode, saving time and money. Such an apartment is free from invisible leaks, the heating system will not heat a room with open windows, and wireless technology allows the homeowner to be notified about any situation immediately.

The SmartHouse system allows you to realize almost everything in your mind. To be more precious, the SmartHouse Intelligence System can control any power controlled device. This home automation will take care of everything from basic life support systems to entertainment and hobbies, from security issues to climate control.

To return home to check whether the lights have been turned off or not, or the iron is plugged off, to worry about whether the gas is left open, to worry about theft when you are not at home is the history, as everything in your home can be controlled from your phone, tablet and computer from anywhere in the world.

You will learn about everything that happens in the house through SMS or the Internet while you are away.

When you relax – SmartHouse works for you!