Training Name

1Occupational Safety and Health Management
2Risk Assessment
3Accident Prevention and Reporting
4Motivating Workers: Leadership and Supervision
5Work permits
6Internal Emergency Plan. Emergency Responses
7Hazardous substances
– Recommendation for protection of workers against ionizing radiation
– Information on ionizing radiation
– planning for and management of radiation accidents
– Radiation biology and biological effects
– Radiation safety
– Sources of ionizing radiation
– Organization of workplace to provide radiation safety
– electric and magnetic fields and health outcomes
– Light and infrared radiation
– Lasers
– Radiofrequency areas and microwave ovens
– Static electric and magnetic fields
– Ultraviolet radiation
– VLF and ELF electric and magnetic fields
10Special works
– welding and thermal cutting
– explosion hazardous environment
– excavation works
– work on the demolition of buildings
– aluminum, lead, copper, gold and zinc smelting and refining
– environmental issues in metal finishing and industrial coatings
– grinding and polishing, forging and stamping
– industrial lubricants, metal working fluids and automotive oils
– lathes
– Metal reclamation
– surface treatment of metal
11Fire and explosion safety
12Confined space entry
13Tools, Machines and Appliance
14Hoist, Lift and Bear
-Lifting, hoisting and relocation of load
-Hoisting tools
-Pallet and forklift trucks/manual lifting
15Working at height
– Towers and Scaffold
– Elevating work platforms
– Suspended personnel platforms
– Flat roofs
– Cattle roofs
– Holes on floors and walls
16Electrical safety
17Weather, noise, vibration
19Personal Protective Equipment
20First aids
Muscle -skeletal injuries
21Health & Safety Committees
Accident prevention management
Violence and harassment at work
Drug and alcohol Awareness
Safety signs
Slip, trip, fall