As a result of the fruitful cooperation of the Government of Azerbaijan with the International Labor Organization (ILO), the ILO office was opened in Azerbaijan in 2002, after Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine. Azerbaijan has acceded generally 57 Convention of ILO, from which eight fundamental and four priority conventions cover the basic human rights in the labor and employment field. Taking into account the principles of these Conventions, national labor legislation was adopted in the country that meets the most advanced international standards and is continually improving.

One of the directions of cooperation with the ILO covers the implementation of the self-employment program in the country. Thus, following the relevant Decree of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, cooperation with the ILO on the implementation of the program directed to the self-employment of the jobseekers and unemployed citizens in the country was especially emphasized, and the trainers group with international certificate has established in Azerbaijan on the self-employment program with the support of the ILO.

According to the program between the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the International Labor Organization, there was training “Principles of Health and Labor Protection” based on the program EOSH for the HSE specialists with the technical support of the specialized organization of the United Nations, International Labor Organization and Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan held on December 11-14, 2017. The participants have developed their knowledge and skills on the labor safety in training provided by Jorge Illingworth and Roman Litvyakov, the International Labor Organization’s experts on occupational safety.

The training covered four-week distance education and the exam in the first stage, four-day visual intensive training, and one-day exam based on the studied material. Those who have completed the training have been awarded the “International Trainer Certificate” by the ILO. These individuals are given the right to conduct training and monitoring in this area at their workplaces and on various platforms.