• Establishment of warehouse management and logistics
  • Removal of warehouse remains

Construction and installation

  • High quality construction – installation work
  • Construction supervision


  • Adaptation of the accounting system to the Azerbaijan accounting plan
  • Operations related to accounting, tax accounting and SSPF, Statistics
  • Correspondence with tax authorities
  • Taxation Transactions – sending all tax reports
  • Writing e-invoices and tax invoices, customs declarations
  • Preparation of tax and accounting records based on documents and accounting records and submit them to the relevant bodies within the timeframe established by the legislation
  • Preparation and submission of tax reports (Real Estate, VAT, Tax at the source of payment, Income)
  • Preparation and submission of SSPF reports
  • Preparation and submission of statistical reports
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the employment department
  • Submitting tax returns through BTP and participating directly in tax matters


  • Occupational health inspection
  • Inspection of project assessment
  • Warehouse inspection
  • Accounting audit