Dear Client,
All enterprises and organizations in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, regardless of ownership and organizational-legal form, must organize and implementOccupational Safety and Health (OSH) in accordance with the System of Occupational Safety Standards (SOSS).
To reduce and prevent possible risks and financial sanctions related to HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), we propose to establish a System of Occupational Safety Standards (SOSS) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the basis of a “Service Agreement”.
Moreover, you can get acquainted with our ISO Management Systems and “CE” marking services in item “E”.

HSE documents are prepared in English as well as in Azerbaijani, and our main services include:
A. Preparation of procedures (in addition to those listed, according to the client’s request)
B. Preparation of plans and declarations (various aspects)
C. Preparation of instructions and training presentations on HSE (for all professions and directions)
D. Other documentation required by law and Audits and drawing up documents
E. Other purposes

N Document name Document Scope
A. Procedures (In addition to those listed, it is made according to the client’s request)
1 HSE Regulation Procedure General
2 HSE Policy Procedure General
3 Obligations of the Executors on HSE for carrying out works in the Client’s territory Procedure General
4 Requirements for air temperature, wind strength and lighting to ensure safe working conditions in the workplace Procedure General
5 Monitoring, measuring, and supervising occupational safety and health activities Procedure General
6 Risk Identification and Risk Management Procedure General
7 Emergency preparedness Procedure General
8 Personal Protective Equipment Procedure General
9 Document and Record Management Procedure General
10 On standards of ethics and compliance of recreation complex employees with customer requirements Procedure Tourism
11 General behavior and security requirements for security guards at the entrance and exit Procedure General
12 Waste management process Procedure General
13 Distribution of responsibilities on accidents in the enterprise Procedure General
14 Compliance with legislation and customer requirements Procedure General
15 Fuel storage Procedure General
16 Manual lifting Procedure General
17 HSE control Procedure General
18 Warehouse organization Procedure General
19 Environmental activities, monitoring and control Procedure General
20 About conducting training and developing a program Procedure General
21 Internal Audit Procedure General
22 Preparation of the General Register of HSE documents Procedure General
23 Coding of documents in accordance with the General document system Procedure General
B. Plans and declaration
1 Fire operation plan (approval by the State Fire Protection Department if required) Plan SFPD of the MES
2 Civil Defense Plan (approval by the Civil Defense Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, if required) Plan CD of the MES
3 Emergencies that may occur in the territory of the republic (city district) and measures to protect against them Plan-Summary CD of the MES
4 Fire protection rules Plan-Summary CD of the MES
5 Activities in case of threat of enemy attack, as well as in case of accidents and natural disasters Plan-Summary CD of the MES
6 Radiation and chemical protection measures, personal protective equipment and rules of their use Plan-Summary CD of the MES
7 Collective protection devices and rules of their use Plan-Summary CD of the MES
8 Rules of self-aid and mutual assistance in case of fracture, burn and other accidents Plan-Summary CD of the MES
9 Accident Elimination Plan Plan SASW in IMC
10 Preparation of technical safety declaration and approval by the relevant executive authority Decleration SASW in IMC
11 The distribution plan by division of responsibilities in the preparation of investigation documents for accidents at the enterprise Plan General
12 General Annual (Periodic) Action Plan for HSE Plan HSE
13 Work Plan on HSE for package work Plan HSE
14 Environmental Safety Work Plan Plan ME&NRDEP
15 Preventive and restorative action plan Plan HSE
C. Guidelines (for occupations and HSE requirements) and Presentations
1 Development of Vocational Guidelines for Construction Enterprises Guidelines Occupation
2 Development of Vocational Guidelines for Agricultural and Livestock Enterprises Guidelines Occupation
3 Development of professional guidelines for food industry enterprises Guidelines Occupation
4 Development of Vocational Guidelines for Cigarette and Tobacco Production Enterprises Guidelines Occupation
5 Development of professional guidelines for oil and gas companies Guidelines Occupation
6 Development of professional guidelines for tourism enterprises Guidelines Occupation
7 Development of professional guidelines for steel smelters Guidelines Occupation
8 Development of professional guidelines for transport enterprises Guidelines Occupation
9 Development of vocational guidelines for mining enterprises Guidelines Occupation
10 Development of professional guidelines for chemical industry enterprises Guidelines Occupation
11 Development of professional guidelines for health facilities Guidelines Occupation
12 Development of professional guidelines for service areas Guidelines Occupation
13 Release of employees, mastering safety rules and organization of testing of their knowledge Guidelines General
14 HSE İnduction Training Guidelines General
15 Organization of labor protection service Guidelines General
16 Safety requirements for industrial sanitation and hygiene Guidelines General
17 Fire safety requirements Guidelines General
18 The first aid Guidelines General
19 Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines General
20 Work at height Guidelines General
21 HSE requirements for earthworks Guidelines General
22 For administrative management staff Guidelines Occupation
23 For energy and electricity Guidelines Occupation
24 For Topographers and Geodesists Guidelines Occupation
25 For cleaning staff Guidelines Occupation
26 For guards and security staff Guidelines Occupation
27 For storekeepers Guidelines Occupation
28 For drivers Guidelines Occupation
29 For catering staff Guidelines Occupation
30 For installers and mechanics on heating, ventilation and cooling systems Guidelines Occupation
31 For quality control specialists and engineers Guidelines Occupation
32 Training, examination and certification related to the application of HSE work in accordance with the requirements of the legislation Training General
33 Preparation of presentations for training courses Presentation General
D. Carrying out other documentation and inspections and preparation of documents required by the
1 Organization of testing of employees’ knowledge of HSE (preparation of questions on occupations, examination, protocoling ) Testing knowledge General
2 Preparation of ecological passport and accompanying documents, approval by ecological expertise agency Passport ME&NRDEP
3 Inspection of hazard potential and other operating equipment and technical installations Act SASW in IMC
4 Carrying out load tests Act HSE
5 Inspection of electrical facilities Act SFPD of the MES
6 Certification of workplaces Certification General
7 Internal audit – in order to assess the effectiveness of the management system on SOSS Audit General
8 Third Party Audit – on legislative and regulatory requirements Audit General
9 Consulting service Consulting HSE
10 Induction log Logbook HSE
11 Initial Instruction log Logbook HSE
12 Refresher Insturction log Logbook HSE
13 Extraordinary Instruction log Logbook HSE
14 Current Instrution log Logbook HSE
15 Log on working conditions inspection Logbook HSE
16 Fire Safety Instruction log Logbook HSE
17 Incident recording log Logbook HSE
18 General log on construciton and installation works Logbook C&I
19 Author control book Logbook C&I
20 Concrete work log Logbook C&I
21 Welding log Logbook C&I
22 Log on bolt joints Logbook C&I
23 Preparation of all internal and external regulatory documents and forms on application and control of SOSS (form 25) Document HSE
24 Preparation of internal Orders for the regulation of SOSS documentation (FRT, CD, DSA, ASR, AFRe etc. -18 titles) Order HSE
25 Preparation of Guideline documents of a daily and informational nature
(TBT,VS etc.-85 titles)
Document HSE
26 Preparation of information, guidelines and warning signs on paper laminate, plastic laminate, etc Sign HSE
E. Other purposes
1 Works on ISO control systems (TÜV THÜRİNGEN) :
1.1. Audit, instruction and certification on ISO Management Systems: ISO 9001;ISO 45001;
ISO/TS 16949; ISO 22000; ISO 27001; ISO 13485; ISO 10002; ISO 500014 AS 9100; HACCP; GMP; BRC etc.
1.2. Information security certification: ISO 20000-1:2011; ISO 27001:2013; ISO 22301; CMMI; SPICE; ITIL; COBIT
1.3. Standardization of agriculture, food and feed: FEMAS; FAMI QS; FIAS; UFAS; TASSC; ESTA
1.4. Marking of products of exporting enterprises with “CE” mark
1.5. Periodic control, inspection and maintenance services
2 Preparation of defect reports on all defects identified as a result of inspections, provision of engineering, design and technical services for the removal of defects and the solution of defects
3 Sale, design and installation of smart home systems
4 Procurement work